For a sustainable and modern daily routine on set.


During more than 1,000 movie and advertising productions per year,
tons of paper are wasted due to outdated working methods from the 20th century on set. These practices slow down the daily routine during production,
and overtime piles up for staff on a daily basis.

We at Teamwork Pictures are of the opinion that this is not necessary at all.
Better solutions for many working processes on set are simple and – being honest – more than necessary.

Computers exist since 1941, apps since 2004 – and since 2020 we have been developing digital solutions for well-known problems during film productions
in cooperation with many specialists and responsible contacts in all film departments.

We love movies but we also love our planet – to maintain that, we stand for a further step towards a sustainable and green movie world.

EasyExtra - Your Extras Management Tool!

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The organisation of extras on set is easier than ever with EasyExtra: No queues, no overtime and no paper stacks anymore: Assistant Directors and Extras save the filling in, distributing, controlling and sorting of countless pay slips. Production companies save time and amounts of money. Everything works digital. Discover more features or ask for your personal and free offer without any obligation.