Our Team

Julia Eiber
Managing Director julia(at)teamwork-pictures.com
Jann Dedinski EasyExtra Project Manager info(at)easy-extra.com
Benjamin Probst Graphic Design hello(at)benjamin-probst.de
Matthias Jung Finance & Controlling m.jung(at)teamwork-pictures.com

About the founder

Julia, born on the South-West coast of England
and raised in Upper Franconia/Germany, worked on over 35 filmsets
between 2016 and 2023.  Mainly as an Assistant Director, she worked
her way up on set of some of the biggest, highest budgeted, awarded and most successfull films in Germany. 

At the early age of 10, Julia discovered her love for motion pictures.
During school time, she started her way into the industry via photography and short films. Three days after her A-level exams she was on set again. 

In order to be able to follow her passion with the greatest creative freedom
and the will to change something in the industry,
she founded Teamwork Pictures in 2021.

Two years before that Julia started developing ideas for features films and
series non-stop together with her cinema loving partners in crime. 
At Teamwork Pictures her ideas have now finally found a home.

And this home offers her, the Teamwork-Family and those, who would like to be
a part of it, a safe space for ideas and projects that are created by people
 who's hearts are beating for moving images and the big screen. 
You can┬┤t make films on your own. Film making is teamwork.